24-Series Single Auger Grain Carts

24-Series Single Auger Grain Carts

Built on tradition, engineered for tomorrow!  Parker grain carts are well known for their performance, capacities and durability. The Parker 624 and 524 corner-aguer grain carts expand on these enduring traits.  The rear-fold design increases auger reach and height while the standard hydraulically adjustable spout provides operator convenience.  The 24-series grain carts are sure to make loading, unloading and transporting your grain a fast and efficient process.  Parker, the most trusted name in moving grain.



    • Corner auger allows better visibility from the tractor cab, making unloading easier and providing better reach into the grain truck
      • 14" diameter aguer for unloading speeds up to 290 bushels per minute
      • 5/16" auger flighting for added durability
    • Compared to other carts, the side-folding auger is not restricted in length by the width of the cart
      • No need to add options to achieve extra auger reach
    • The one-piece laser cut drive cog provides 50% less impact and less wearing parts due to the one-piece 1 1/2" welded receptacle
    • When the auger is folded, the 1 3/4" retaining pin, welded to the cart, ensures a secure fit while in storage or transport
    • The auger spotlight provides better visibility for nighttime unloading
    • The PTO shear-bolt design helps protect the gearbox and driveline for longer life


    Tank Design

    • Available in 500 and 600 bushel capacities
    • A unique sump design funnels all grain to one spot, helping feed the auger for faster unloading and easier cleanout
    • A swivel hitch makes hookup easy and keeps the cart level in transport, ensuring stability
    • All carts feature an observation ladder and inspection window(s) for quick, convenient and safer viewing of cart contents
    • Silicone-sealed seams prevent corrosion
    • Lighting package is designed to exceed new state requirements
      • Side-marker lights that extend over the wheels are visible from both the front and the rear
      • Standard 7-prong electric connector makes hookup easy, and comes with a convenient storage holder with cover that keeps it safely out of the way when not in use
    • Durable top coat of high-grade enamel paint is baked on in tractor red or green for a smooth, automotive-like finish


    Single Wheel & Tire

    • Features a 120" rigid axle.
    • Choice of tractor lug or diamond tread tire design.
    • Multiple tire options available.




    • Model 640M scale package with indicator- Printer Ready
      • Optional Roll Printer
      • Optional Downloader Kit
    • Weatherguard roll-tarp features:
      • Custom-designed with heavy-duty, 18 oz. black canvas for long life.
      • Semi trailer locking design for optimum protection from high wind and moisture.
      • Low-profile tarp bows are reinforced to eliminate sagging.
    • 2-way directional downspoutprovides in-and-out control for easily topping off trucks.
    • Hydraulic drive features:
      • Tongue-mounted for easy installation - the grain cart can still be operated with a PTO if desired.
      • 55 gallon per minute provides up to 300 bushel per minute unloading speeds and requires 2 sets of hydraulic ports.


    Model Number 624 524

    U.S. patent #5,374,082

    *Bushel capacities were measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture (56 lb. test weight)

    Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

    Capacity*(bushels) 600 500
    Auger Size 14" 14"
    Flighting Thickness 5/16" 5/16"
    Output Shaft Dia. 1-3/4" 1-3/4"
    Appr. Empty Weight (lbs) 6,300 6,100
    Est. Loaded Tongue Wt. (lbs) 3,600 3.200
    Unload Time (bu/min) 350 350
    Auger Reach 7'3" 7'3"
    Tractor H.P. Req. 140+ 130+
    Tire Size 24.5x32 20.8x38
    Unverferth Grain Cart Specifications A 13'9" 13'9"
    B 7'3" 7'3"
    C 13'9" 13'9"
    D 19'5" 19'5"
    E 13'2" 13'2"
    F 7'3" 7'3"
    G 11'6" 11'
    H 10'2" 9'8"
    I 1'6" 1'6"
    J 10' 10'
    K 12'1" 11'9"
    L 12' 12'
    M 11'1" 11'10"
    N 15' -
    O 16'6" -
    Loaded Tire Ground Pressure - P.S.I. Specifications calculated at the 3" penetration level.
    30.5x32 16.11 13.71
    24.5x32 19.39 16.51
    23.1x26   18.39